What is Raw and Unfiltered Honey?

What do we mean when we say our Honey is Raw and Unfiltered?

Unfortunately it is not uncommon for honey producers to ultra-filter their honey and heat it to high temperatures that negatively effect the flavor and healthful properties of the honey. Ultra filtration takes out tiny particles of bee pollen in the honey and the pollens are part of what makes honey a healthy food and sweetener, as well as add to the taste of the honey. When honey is heated too high, the beneficial bacterias and enzymes are killed which destroys the flavor as well as the many health benefits of the Honey as the bees make it.

That is why we like to keep our Honey Raw and Unfiltered!!!

Raw and unfiltered honey | Raw Honeys Handmade
Infuesed Honey | Raw honeys handmade

First of all, Infused Honey is unique, most flavored honeys actually have added flavoring such as extracts or, sadly, manufactured flavorings.

It's faster but we like to take the time to make real infusions using whole herbs and spices.

We keep it real, simple and healthy.

We use our Raw Unfiltered Clover Honey and the highest quality Organic Herbs and Spices for our Specialty Infusions.

HandMade in Small Batches we add the herbs and spices to the honey and warm it at a low temperature, keeping it raw, for a number of days. Once the Taste, Aroma and even the Color of the herbs and spices are imbued into the honey we strain them out leaving a smooth honey filled with the flavor of the herbs and spices with 

the texture of Creamed or Spun Honey but its RAW! 

We are delighted to share these unique and incredibly delicious

Handcrafted Infused Honeys.