Keep Hydrated in the August Heat with Fresh Electrolyte Lemonade Made with our own Special Twist

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

It has been a very hot and dry summer here in Northern California. We have been keeping in the mid to upper 90's most days since May and plenty of days above 100 degrees. This has not always been the case and we are finding it extra important to stay hydrated!

This recipe I am going to share makes an incredibly simple and delicious Lemonade or Limeade with a little something extra I learned to keep your electrolytes up.

To make it an electrolyte drink you need three ingredients mixed with water:

  1. Citrus (Lemon or lime)

  2. Salt (a mineralized salt is best, not table salt)

  3. Raw Honey (or another sweetener like sugar or maple syrup but, as you might have guessed, we prefer honey)

I have done my research and many sources agree that this combination makes an electrolyte drink. Electrolytes are important to the bodies function and are key in keeping hydrated, which is very important for our brain function, muscles, and the general balance of the bodies key systems. I am not a Nutritionist and I don't have medical training so look further into it if you want to know more. I can tell you that we notice a difference in our energy and overall wellbeing from drinking this. Especially on a hot day! Plus, it's delicious so we want to drink more fluids, thus keeping us better hydrated.


This makes roughly one Quart.

Now, there is a lot of room for personal taste, as I said, but our favorite way to make it is with:

  1. One TBSP or more of our Naturally Infused Raw Honeys. I used Cardamom for this batch but I also love it with the Lavender, Rose, Turmeric~Ginger & Ginger Infusions.

  2. 1/8 tsp Salt. I like to make it a generous spoonful. You want to use a mineral salt for this, it will taste better and have the best benefits. I use a Himala-yan Pink Salt but a Sea Salt would also be good. You could even get fancy with a black salt..

  3. Lemon or Lime. I use whichever I have available and I do this to taste. Some like a lot, some like a little. But you do want at least 1-2 tsp for the electrolyte. If you are really going for a real lemonade or limeade taste, you'll want to add one or two of them to this amount of liquid.

Optional Extra Ingredients:

  • Cayenne. I like to add a little cayenne pepper when my throat is dry or scratchy. It may sound counterintuitive but it is soothing.

  • Turmeric. When I use our Turmeric Ginger Infusion I don't need to add turmeric. But if I haven't used that infusion I like to add 1/4 tsp, or so, to get the added benefits of turmeric root. Some of which are said to be anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial. Plus, I like the taste.

  • Mint leaves. I love to add a bit of mint for the cooling, refreshing benefits. I bruise the leaves a little and then mix them in.

And that's it!

It is easy to make and good enough to give to company as a refreshing beverage. I like to make a big batch to keep in the refrigerator so we can drink on it throughout the day.

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