Mango Cardamom Honey Lassi

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

A cooling and refreshing summer drink, easy to make and delicious!!

So Simple, So Delicious!!

Lassis are a very popular drink originating in India and now being enjoyed world-wide. There are over 150 variations to this drink but they are all made with Yogurt, Spices and sometimes Fruit. A Lassi can be made sweet, salty, savory and even spicy.

I can't claim to be any kind of expert on Lassis but I love a Mango Lassi! It is so delicious, perfect combination of sweet, refreshing, filling and truly satisfying. I love to make them any old time. Because they are refreshing and filling, great as a cooling treat on a hot day and as an afternoon snack. It is such a delicious drink it is also perfect to serve to guests and great for before or after meals.



I like to use a plain unsweetened yogurt. Greek Yogurt is my favorite because I love the thickness and the sourness of the yogurt but you choose your favorite.


You want a ripe mango for this drink. The best way to choose a mango is by the golden color of the skin, softness of the fruit (you want it to be a little squeezable) and the aroma. You want your mango to smell delicious!

Usually that means it is.

Cardamom Infused Honey

This is a special ingredient and is one of our most popular Infused Honeys across the board! Raw and Infused with Organic Cardamom Seeds this Honey adds the perfect touch of Sweetness and Cardamom to the drink.

About Our Cardamom Infused Honey

Cardamom is a popular spice in both sweet and spicy dishes. Native to subtropical Asia, it is common in Indian cuisine but its popularity has grown and is now used and grown in places around the world.

Cardamom has a most wonderful flavor that is so difficult to describe. I would say, it has a warm sweetness with honey drenched notes and an almost menthol type quality that fills your nasal pathways with flavor. Truthfully it was the first Infusion I made. When I was coming up with recipes and dreaming up the idea of Blue Sage Honey Company, the idea of Cardamom Infused Honey was what started me down the road of Infusing Honeys with Herbs and Spices. It was the idea that ignited this whole adventure. Handmade in Small Batches with Organic Cardamom and Raw Unfiltered Clover Honey. I love giving samples of this Infusion and watching peoples eyes light up. It is such a surprise and a delight the way the sweetness of the Honey and full bodied flavors of the Cardamom come together to create something you can practically taste with your whole body... No lie.

Making a Mango Cardamom Honey Lassi

So, I'm not much for following recipes I like to wing it and go by taste. This is a very easy drink to "wing" and this way you can customize it to

your personal taste.

What you need to know:

You will be making the Lassi in a blender so get your blender out.

Add the Yogurt

Keeping in mind how much lassi you want to make. I used around 10oz of yogurt to make one pint of Lassi.


For one pint of Lassi I used about 1/2 to

3/4 of a very ripe mango. You make the choice depending on how ripe your mango

is and how strong you want the mango taste in your Lassi (the riper the mango the more flavorful it will be)

Cardamom Infused Honey

I like my Mango Lassi to be gently sweet but not super sweet and I LOVE the taste of Cardamom. Our Cardamom Infused Honey gave the perfect amount of Cardamom and Sweetness to a Pint of Lassi with one heaping Tablespoon of Cardamom Infused Honey.

Maybe a tad more..

A further suggestion

As a garnish I added a sprig of mint from the garden and as I was drinking the lassi I would suck on the mint leaf and it was so good I think next time I just might throw a mint leaf or two into the blender as well. You may want to try it too!

Blend it, Thats it!

One of the things I love about the Lassi is how blending it makes it fluffy and light.

You can serve it over ice if you like but most importantly, SAVOR IT!!

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