100% Virgin Clover Honey

100% Virgin Clover Honey

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This 100% Raw Clover Honey Unfiltered has never warmed above 95 degrees, the natural temperature of a beehive. This honey has a smooth buttery texture like a spun or whipped honey naturally without processing and overheating the honey.

Tasting notes:




This honey is about as natural and in-tact as honey can be, it maintains all the pollens, propolis, minerals, enzymes and beneficial bacteria naturally occurring, which honey has become beloved for. It is quite decadent and very popular! 

It has a light taste and perfect sweetness to compliment any dish. This is the same honey we use for our Infused Honeys. People often say this is the best tasting honey they have ever had!! We agree!



  • Ingredients

    100% Raw Unfiltered Clover Honey


    Honey is edible and not refundable but please contact us with any questions or concerns. Your enjoyment is our goal.