Raw Clover Honey Bear -12oz

Raw Clover Honey Bear -12oz


Many people say this is THE BEST Clover Honey they have ever had. We agree. These squeezable containers are not only convenient, they have the nostalgic feel and look of the classic honey bear we all loved as children.


Collected from unique wild clover flowers that make a light tasting honey, perfect in sweetness with delicate hints of vanilla and sunshine. This honey will pair perfectly with your coffee, tea's, hot cereal, homemade sodas, glazes and baked goods. No funny aftertaste with this honey!

Raw and Unfiltered means it still contains the natural traces of pollens, propolis, minerals, enzymes and tiny bits of Beeswax cappings. It is honey just the way the bees make it with all the flavor and benefits.


Try our mini 2oz bears for office, party and gifts.

  • Ingredients

    100% Raw Unfiltered Clover Honey


    Honey is edible and not refundable but please contact us with any questions or concerns. Your enjoyment is our goal.