Cardamom Infused Raw Honey

Cardamom Infused Raw Honey


This Cardamom Infused Honey is magical!! Delicious in coffee, black tea, on toast, by the spoonful...The possibilites are endless!


These also make the perfect and unique choice for wedding and party favors!


All you need for an amazing desert is fresh fruit and fresh whipped cream! 

One of our most populare Infusions, this one is delicous for any of your daily Honey uses! Really add something special to your coffee, tea, pancakes or toast. Delicous over ice cream or on a cheese platter.


My favorite, easy to make dessert, is to drizzle over sliced fresh fruit (or cook the fruit down with butter or coconut oil) add this Raw Cardamom Infused Honey, stirr and chill in the fridge or freezer. THEN, mix any of our Infused Honeys (I particularly like to use the Rose or the Chai Spice) into your cream just before it is whipped to your liking. Dolop the whipping cream over Cardamom fruit and enjoy a treat that is out of this world delicous! and so easy and quick to prepare.


There are so many ways to enjoy this beautiful honey! We would love to hear any recipes you create for this unique and delicious honey.


These make great Wedding and Party Favors! Ask us about custom labeling for your special event.

  • Ingredients:

    Raw Unfiltered Clover Honey, Organic Cardamom Seeds

  • Return and Refund Policy

    Honey is a food and therefore not returnable but please contact us with any questions or concerns. Your enjoyment is our goal.