Lavender Infused Raw Honey

Lavender Infused Raw Honey


This Lavender Infused Honey is delightful. Imagine the aroma of fresh Lavender Flowers and then imagine that on your tongue with sweet honey! 

Each Infusion is made by hand in small batches with Organic Lavender Flowers mixed together with our Raw Unfiltered Clover Honey and gently warmed in our slow low infusion process. The Honey and Lavender are joined in flavor, color and aroma. We then strain the Lavender Flowers back out leaving a smooth textured Raw Honey Imbued with fresh flowers of lavender. Truly special! Delicious in black tea (earl grey is a must), herbal teas, on english muffins, in baked goods, lemonade and on ice cream. Add it to your fresh whipping cream at the end of whipping, you will be amazed! Drizzle over fresh fruit and nuts or add it to an appetizer platter for a delicious snack and a special spread. You may also notice some of the beneficial relaxing properties of lavender as others have.

  • Ingredients:

    Raw Unfiltered Clover Honey, Organic Lavender Flowers

  • Return and Refund Policy

    Honey is a food and therefore not returnable but please contact us with any questions or concerns. Your enjoyment is our goal.