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The cardamom infused honey in a cup of black tea is such a treat! I also love the chai spice flavor. All of the products are high quality and beautiful. I’ve given the 2oz jars as little holiday gifts to neighbors and coworkers, and they were a huge hit!


I really love their honeys! I spread the ginger honey on toast with butter, which is obviously delicious. Rose honey goes really well in green tea and chai spice is the best in black tea. Honestly, I have a huge sweet tooth, so I'm kind of an easy sell. That being said, these honeys are AWESOME and I buy them for myself and as gifts all the time.

I love Blue Sage Honey. I love that can get honey that has all the good 'stuff' in it. And my favorite is the ginger! YUM!! Very sweet people and great service.

“I love this honey and as it's winter now, I need these beautiful flavors for my hot tea. I like combining the honey spice flavors with green tea, white tea, peppermint, etc. I have also given these as gifts. This order was a re-order of my favorites.”

“I ordered a whole bunch and they arrived in excellent condition, very carefully packaged. Can't wait to give these out for Christmas! Thank you!”

Blue Sage Honey Gift Set 1.jpg

“Just finished my large jar of Cardamom Honey a week ago, but I needed more. It's perfect for tea (or by the spoonful). I'm excited to try the little jars of Chai & Lavender. Going to use the Chai one for my Turmeric teas and probably make Lavender Lemonade with the other one. Packaged beautifully as always! Thank you so much <3”

— Remedy

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