100% Raw Honeys

About the Owner

Hello, my name is Abra and I am the creator and maker at Blue Sage Honey Co. We are a small rural business located in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains of Northern California. 

I started this business because I love the bees, gardening, honey, being creative in the kitchen and working with my hands. My husband and I keep bees, farm animals and garden avidly. We choose to live close to the land and make our own foods as much as we can. This is how the idea for infused honey was born.

My husband, is not only an artist and the artist of the Blue Sage Honey Bear on our label. He is also a Beekeeper and holds a wealth of knowledge on all things bee related.

                  Together we dreamed up the sweet nectar of Infused Honeys and it was so good I had to share it with you!

                  On our small, rural homestead we treasure simple living, simple                     pleasures and living a wholesome lifestyle. Our honeys are a                  reflection of these values and

            I hope they bring goodness into your life! 

Blue Sage Honey Co.
Our Mission​​
To Do Our Part For The Bees & The Earth
Blue Sage Honey Co. is a mission driven company. It is our priority to help the amazing Honey Bees who give us food, flowers and medicine. We donate a portion of proceeds from each sale to causes that work tirelessly to educate, protect and save the Honey Bees. We celebrate and support the good work being done on behalf of the bees. We know how important the Bees are to the planet and our survival. 
Environmental Awareness and being Eco-Friendly in our business practices is very important to us. 
Some of the ways we do this is by consuming less, using eco friendly packaging for our products, using organic ingredients and re-using shipping supplies already in circulation.
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